20,000 gallons vs. 9 ducks - Effective Communication in Reports, On the Roof and On the Stand

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This course was initially presented at the 2021 International Convention and Tradeshow.

Effective communication—both written and verbal—is essential in our industry. Often our written reports are a large product of our services, and many times the only deliverable our clients see from us. Reports must be clear, articulate, and accurate regarding the facts reported. Standards, such as the IIBEC Manual of Practice and ASTM D7186, provide guidelines for accurate reporting. We will review formatting, creative and liberal use of adverbs, providing facts, and maintaining third-party impartiality.

While on project sites, communication between contractors, architects/engineers, and owners utilize different vernacular and methods of communication to effectively relate to each party. We will discuss real-life situations where communication in the field is modified relative to the party engaged in the discussion, while still communicating consistent information to all parties.

The role of an expert witness causes IIBEC members to communicate differently when discussing litigious items with an attorney, client, jury, or judge. Depositions and testimony are stressful with opposing members attempting to discredit and undermine experts’ findings, with each side advocating for their client. Experts must remain impartial, confident in their findings, and composed, regardless of the accusations.


Aaron Nelson, RBEC, RRC, RWC, REWC, RRO

Aaron Nelson is the president of Roofing Technical Services. He started in the roofing industry just after graduating from high school by working as a sheet metal fabricator/installer. Working his way into the office of a commercial roofing contractor in Seattle, Nelson worked as an estimator/project manager for 10 years. In 2004, he joined the consulting side of roofing and started working on projects across the nation. Nelson and the team at RTS provide consulting and quality assurance observations for clients on projects throughout the nation, working with various code and climate conditions that make each project unique.


1. Learn standards of ASTM D7186 and IIBEC standards regarding observation and reporting

2. Learn effective tools for consistency in reporting with positive and negative examples

3. Learn methods for effectively communicating with contractors, architects, and owners
while in the field

4. Learn methods for depositions/testimony to be an effective expert witness


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate with IIBEC and AIA Logos

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20,000 gallons vs. 9 ducks - Effective Communication in Reports, On the Roof and On the Stand
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