Continuous Insulation – Wall Assembly Case Study Comparisons

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This presentation was initially provided at the 2021 Convention and Tradeshow in Phoenix, Arizona

Continuous Insulation presents challenges with the overall wall assembly’s design, performance, and construction. This second of two programs at the advanced level utilizes eight commercial steel-framed wall assembly designs to evaluate their comparative differences while standardizing to an NFPA 285-compliant assembly under ICC 2018 in Climate Zone 5 (due to the requirement for an interior vapor retarder). The evaluations of the eight assemblies begin with an overview of their components with their assembly’s benefits and challenges. This overview includes describing the rationale for the choice and location of the continuous and total insulation, sheathing (if any), weather and vapor control layers, and the concerns for condensation management and thermal breaks. The eight are then compared for their NFPA 285 compliance, and then evaluated by their WUFI hygrothermic modeling over four climate seasons. They next are evaluated for their structural cladding load and wind-load resistances, and finally, they are comparatively ranked by cost of construction and speed of production. Rather than focusing on the benefits of one construction material or assembly, this program weaves together eight different entire wall assemblies to compare and rationalize. The presentation utilizes 3-D modeled imagery to help visualize their integrated assemblies.


G. David Schoenhard, RRO, AIA, BECxA, CSI, LEED AP

DSS-Philly | Narberth, PA

G. David Schoenhard has over 40 years of experience in the design, detailing, and construction of institutional, commercial, research, and multifamily residential architecture, and is the principal and manager of DSS-Philly, an architectural building enclosure consulting firm in the Philadelphia region. He brings his decades of experience and discipline to design, implement, and remediate building enclosures on behalf of other architects, owners, and contractors. He also actively researches comparative building enclosure assemblies and is an AIA Education Provider. In addition to the AIA, he is certified as a BECxA, EDI, RRO, CSI, LEED AP, and CIT.


1. OVERVIEW of EIGHT ASSEMBLES: Understand the rationale of the eight commercial steel
stud-framed wall assemblies and how they compare with their types of continuous and
total insulation, sheathing, air, water, and vapor control layers.

2. 285 & RATED: Compare how each complies with NFPA 285 requirements and optional fire ratings.

3. WUFI: Understand how each compares utilizing WUFI Hygrothermic (thermal and
moisture) evaluations over four climate seasons chosen for Climate Zone 5 (due to the
requirement for an interior vapor retarder).

4. WEIGHT OF CLADDING: Compare how the wall assembly can affect the structural cladding load capacity of each.

5. COST & PRODUCTION RANKINGS: Understand the comparative rankings of the eight wall
assemblies by constructed cost and daily production speed and by their combined rankings.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate with IIBEC and AIA Logos

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Continuous Insulation – Wall Assembly Case Study Comparisons
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