Cladding and Building Enclosure Component Connections Through Foam Plastic Continuous Insulation: Design and Prescriptive Code Compliance

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Cladding and building enclosure component connection details are important to the overall performance of a building enclosure, including its resistance to loads and durability. However, they must also be coordinated with energy code insulation requirements, which are increasingly requiring and recognizing the benefits of continuous insulation. Continuous insulation provides a means to improve energy efficiency (minimize thermal bridging) and provide a thermally stable and dry environment for the enclosed building components when coordinated with improved water and vapor control methodologies in the latest building codes. But, cladding connection must extend through this layer of continuous insulation. This presentation will review the research and latest prescriptive code requirements for attaching claddings through a layer of exterior continuous insulation. It will also present a generalized design procedure that can allow various types of connections through foam plastic insulating sheathing, including the attachment of cladding, furring, and even structural components like roof and deck ledgers. These building code advancements provide building enclosure designers with the means to efficiently design and detail various cladding and component connection options in coordination with energy code requirements to maximize the continuity of the thermal enclosure and overall integrity of the building enclosure.

Jay Crandell, PE
ARES/ABTG | Shady Side, MD

Jay Crandell has over 30 years of experience in construction, engineering, and innovative building technology research for private and public sector clients. He has conducted benchmark studies of major natural disasters and conducted research to address significant structural, energy, and building science challenges. His work has helped to propel many innovative technologies into the International Codes and consensus standards. He is widely published on various engineering, construction, and building science topics. For additional information visit and


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Cladding and Building Enclosure Component Connections Through Foam Plastic Continuous Insulation: Design and Prescriptive Code Compliance
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