Cladding Attachment Strength for Wood-Framed Structures

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This presentation initially took place at IIBEC's 2022 International Convention and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida.

This presentation discusses the standards and building code requirements that govern the attachment of exterior wall claddings to wood-framed structures as compared to common installation practices and in situ performance. The presenters consider stucco, fiber-cement siding, and vinyl siding. 

Larry Elkin, PE, CCT
Elkin Engineering & Diagnostics LLC | Charleston, SC

Larry Elkin has nearly 30 years of experience in design, commissioning, and forensics. He graduated from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with both bachelor and master of science degrees in mechanical engineering. Later, he obtained a master of civil engineering with an emphasis in structural engineering from Norwich University. Elkin initially learned about stucco in the 1990s while diagnosing moisture issues with exterior insulation and finish systems. This led him to attend Sto’s certified installer training in 1996. Since then, he has inspected thousands of stucco-clad structures to diagnose the causes of failures and provide repair solutions.

Lee Fischer
Elkin Engineering & Diagnostics LLC | Charleston, SC

Lee Fischer is a professional engineer who oversees structural building enclosure and fenestration investigations using a multitude of diagnostic tools and test methods. He frequently serves as an expert witness in litigation. His experience extends across residential, multifamily, and light commercial structures and components.  Fischer holds FenestrationMaster certification from the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) and is in the process of getting Elkin Engineering to become the only FGIA-certified field testing agency in South Carolina. He is an Infrared Training Center Level I infrared thermographer and has completed the Exterior Design Institute’s EIFS Third Party Inspector Certification, Quality Control and Moisture Analyst Training Course.


1. Industry standards, building codes, and applicable installation requirements and their origins

2. Common installation practices that do not strictly comply with building code and manufacturer’s installation  

3. The presenters’ mock-up testing of fastener withdrawal capacities and cladding attachment capacities; resulting reasonable allowable loads; and the most likely modes of failures for the various claddings requirements

4. Recommendations for modifying the current installation requirements


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate with IIBEC and AIA Logos

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Cladding Attachment Strength for Wood-Framed Structures
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