A Pattern Language for Iconic Passive House and Net-Zero Façades for High-Rise Buildings

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In BC by 2032 all new residential buildings will need to meet levels of performance that are currently associated with Passive House and Net Zero projects. Similar targets are being set by jurisdictions across North America to combat greenhouse gas emissions. To help the industry prepare for these changes and to lead the way for years to come, a number of progressive high-rise projects in Vancouver are being designed and constructed to meet these goals now. As the Façade Engineer and Passive House Consultant for these projects, RDH has observed that many of the conventional assumptions about facade design and building form are going to change as these buildings become more prevalent. Understanding this shift, the redefined goal posts that they represent, and the Pattern Language for Passive House Façades early in the design process is important so that the building form and attributes can meet the design intent, while also meeting the budget and project schedule. This paper will outline the lessons learned to date and will provide a roadmap for high-performance low-emission buildings and their facades moving into the future. This will be an invaluable resource to design architects building high-rise buildings of all kinds, façade and specifically curtain-wall and window suppliers and manufacturers, façade and building envelope consultants and contractors for years to come.

Brian Hubbs, PEng

RDH Building Sciences, Inc., Burnaby, BC, Canada

With over 25 years’ experience as a consultant practicing exclusively in the field of façade engineering and building science, Brian is recognized by his peers as being a practical engineer and researcher who consistently delivers innovative solutions. He has a unique blend of theoretical and hands-on knowledge gained from completing hundreds of building enclosure investigations and rehabilitation projects as well as from façade engineering and construction review of building enclosures for new buildings. Brian has extensive experience designing, testing and constructing unique high- rise building facades with unitized curtain wall, skylights, and window-wall systems manufactured offshore in Asia and Europe.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate with IIBEC and AIA Logos

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A Pattern Language for Iconic Passive House and Net-Zero Façades for High-Rise Buildings - Recording
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