Buildings Move, Buildings Leak: Revisiting the Critical Link Between Engineering Mechanics and Enclosure Performance

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An enclosure that is appropriately responsive to its environmental loading conditions is one of the most fundamental measures of satisfactory performance for the built environment. Some loads are directly experienced by enclosure components and materials themselves, while other loads are experienced because material deformations or deflections influence those components and materials. While the relationship between structural movement and a structure’s usefulness to its intended purpose has been well understood throughout the history of design and construction, that understanding has not always translated well into satisfactory enclosure performance. Drawing on experiences in post-construction forensic investigations, troubleshooting during construction, and efforts to influence design detailing, this presentation will discuss key factors in applying engineering mechanics for the benefit (or detriment) of enclosure performance. Specific aspects to be shared will include the cross-party dynamics in design and construction that give rise to current challenges, case studies of failures as a result of insufficient consideration, and areas for improvement across the design and construction industry.

Jonathan Porter, PE, AAIA

Kraus-Anderson Construction Company | Minneapolis, MN

Jon Porter is the director of building science for Kraus-Anderson Construction (KA). In his role at KA, Porter focuses on building performance, particularly the exterior enclosure and interior finishes. He serves as a technical resource to project teams in relation to means and methods, constructability, building materials technology, workflow and sequencing, proper installation techniques, and testing and acceptance protocols. A licensed professional engineer in the state on MN, Porter has more than 24 years of design and construction experience, including roles in forensic investigation of design and construction failures and as an owner’s representative.


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Buildings Move, Buildings Leak: Revisiting the Critical Link Between Engineering Mechanics and Enclosure Performance - Recording
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Suuuuper. Dense with information. Crystal clear sound. Doesn't tail off at end of sentence like many presenters. Thank you.

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