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This presentation initially took place at IIBEC's 2022 International Convention and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida. Vacuum-insulated glazing (VIG) is an emerging technology that has been in commercial development for the past 20 to 30 years The concept was first described in a German patent application in 1913 and was more seriously studied, with the production of real units, in the 1980s. While some VIG technology has been commercially available since 1996, its presence in the United States architectural market has been minimal. The presentation includes a brief history of VIG technology, describes the typical makeup of VIG and hybrid VIG units, addresses the thermal performance of available products, and discusses considerations for evaluating various products available in the market. The presentation also offers two recent projects as case studies. Sarah Sinusas, PE Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates Inc. | New Haven, CT Sarah Sinusas is a senior associate at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates Inc. (WJE) in New Haven, Conn. She has specialized in building envelope systems since beginning her career in 2008. Her primary focus is the evaluation and investigation of curtainwall and window assemblies, and she has participated in and led projects that include design, detailing, testing, and monitoring of a variety of cladding and glazing systems. Sinusas led WJE’s assessment of vacuum-insulated glass for the case studies in this presentation. Joseph M. Bukovec, RRO, PE Walker Consultants | New Haven, CT Joseph M. Bukovec is the director of building envelope, forensics, and restoration for Walker Consultants in New Haven, Conn. He has specialized in historic preservation and building enclosure systems since beginning his career in 2005. His primary focus is the investigation and repair design of historic facades, windows, roofing, and waterproofing systems. He has consulted on projects that include the investigation, testing, repair design, and construction administration for architecturally significant facades and roofs. With his previous firm, Bukovec was the project manager for one of the case studies in this presentation, which included the replacement of historic wood-framed windows with state-of-the-art hybrid vacuum-insulated glazing units in thermally broken aluminum frames.   Read More

Sealant joints typically represent the smallest part of the building enclosure; however, failures at these interfaces represent the largest source for moisture and air infiltration issues. The presenters will discuss methods of evaluating existing sealant joint conditions, sealant joint design best practices, mock-up installation recommendations, sealant joint preparation, application processes, and construction quality control assurance. Brett Eichler has worked for 20 years at several architectural and engineering firms. He specializes in waterproofing design of building enclosure systems. Eichler received his bachelor’s degree in architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is involved in the investigation and repair design for multifamily, commercial, and institutional buildings. Eichler recently managed a sealant reinstallation project for a high-rise tower, which included approximately 115 miles of sealant. Michael Phifer is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with degrees in civil and environmental engineering. He has served as a staff engineer in the facilities engineering division of his firm since 2013. Phifer’s experience includes building evaluation, design, peer review, and quality assurance for building enclosure systems. He has managed building envelope diagnostic testing teams for new and existing construction projects utilizing AAMA and ASTM standards. Read More

This presentation initially took place at IIBEC's 2022 International Convention and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida. Tampa General Hospital is an award-winning medical center serving Tampa Bay, Fla. The hospital first opened in 1927 and has since undergone various expansions and renovations. In 2015, facility staff observed near the West Pavilion’s main entrance that brick masonry units had fallen, presenting an overhead safety hazard for hospital patients and visitors. Walter P Moore was retained to evaluate the general condition of the brick facade and recent brick failure, provide repair recommendations, and perform construction administration services during the repair work. The investigative team used more than 30 exploratory openings through the brick facade to observe concealed conditions, and identified several unique issues that necessitated widespread repairs. Unforeseen conditions also surfaced during the repair work, presenting several interesting challenges. This presentation discusses the methods of assessment and repair at the hospital, and how the team overcame the challenges of performing repairs to a facility that remained fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. Webb Wright, PE Walter P Moore | Orlando, FL Webb Wright is a senior associate and senior project manager in the Walter P Moore Diagnostics Group with expertise in forensic engineering. He has more than 20 years of engineering experience in diversified aspects of structural engineering analysis, investigation, and evaluation of distressed and failed materials involving a broad range of structural, civil and architectural systems. He has also performed assessments and repairs of various facade cladding systems, reinforced concrete, masonry, prestressed concrete, steel, and timber structures. He routinely provides expert witness services on behalf of insurance companies and property owners. Amaris Beza, PE Walter P Moore | Orlando, FL Amaris Beza is an engineer in the Walter P Moore Diagnostics Group. Her experience focuses on the field of building enclosure consulting and repair of existing buildings. Amaris’s expertise includes evaluating and designing repairs for distress related to concrete structures, building enclosure moisture management, roofing systems, and waterproofing systems. She has developed repair details, repair procedures, and technical specifications for waterproofing, restoration, and rehabilitation projects. Amaris has worked on several building enclosure third-party reviews for clients, reviewing technical specifications and drawings for continuity of building enclosure systems.   Read More

This course was initially presented at the 2022 International Trade Show and Convention in Orlando, FL.  As extreme weather events are becoming both more frequent and intense, essential facilities face a dual threat of increased wind pressures and airborne debris impacts, particularly at facilities with glazed curtainwall systems. Furthermore, the structural and waterproofing elements of these curtainwalls may have experienced age-related deterioration. This case study considers an existing medical office building with a 1960s curtainwall system. Investigators evaluated whether it could accommodate current code-level wind pressure impacts, and the evaluation was used to develop conceptual schemes to implement hardening retrofits or other appropriate restoration options that would better allow the facility to functionally remain operational during extreme weather wind events. The presentation addresses building codes and industry consensus standards used during this evaluation such as ASCE 7-16, Minimum Design Loads and Associated Criteria for Buildings and Other Structures, and ASTM E1996, Standard Specification for Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, Doors, and Impact Protective Systems Impacted by Windborne Debris in Hurricanes. Particular focus will be placed on current technologies to both understand and improve the resiliency and sustainability of existing curtainwall systems. Presenters: Kimani Augustine, PE, Mallory Buckley, RRO Kimani Augustine is a principal in Walter P Moore’s Diagnostics Group in Houston, Texas. He has been in the engineering industry since 2004 and has experience in diversified aspects of enclosure diagnostics consulting, including managing a wide variety of building enclosure projects and preparing design documents to address identified distress conditions. Augustine is a leader in Walter P Moore’s Enclosure Diagnostics Practice, which is dedicated to developing step-by-step processes for finding solutions to building enclosure issues. He is on the board of the IIBEC Gulf Coast Chapter, where he actively serves to enhance building enclosure knowledge in the Houston area. Mallory Buckley is an associate in Walter P Moore’s Diagnostics Group in Dallas, Texas. Her experience focuses on the field of building enclosure consulting, and her areas of expertise include assessing and designing repairs for distress conditions related to façade systems, building enclosure moisture management, roofing systems, and below-grade waterproofing on concrete substrates. Her portfolio includes developing work scopes, repair details, repair procedures, and technical specifications for waterproofing, restoration, and rehabilitation projects. Read More

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