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This presentation initially took place at the 2020 Convention.  A long-term field monitoring study has measured the impacts of membrane color and insulation strategy on the in-situ performance of conventional roof assemblies. The same roof membrane cap sheet type with three different surface colors (white, gray, and black) was installed over three different conventional insulation strategies with approximately the same R value, creating a total of nine unique roof assemblies on the same building. Sensors were then installed to monitor key performance indicators for the roofs, including temperature at key layers of the roofs, relative humidity within the assemblies, and solar reflectance of the roof membranes. This paper presents the results of this monitoring work after five years of study. Lorne Ricketts, PEng RDH Building Science | Burnaby, BC, Canada Lorne Ricketts is a building science specialist concentrating on new buildings, forensic investigations, and research work. His broad experience includes enclosure and façade design consulting, field review, building monitoring and testing programs, energy assessments, and product testing and development. Ricketts takes an active role in industry education and has produced numerous technical guidance and research documents as well as spoken at conferences and industry events across North America.   Read More

Copper–due to its inherent longevity, adaptability, and beautiful natural weathering characteristics̶̶–remains one of the most proven and preferred roofing and flashing materials. With increasing adoption of light-gauge sheet metal as wall cladding, today’s design professionals are again looking to copper to provide a high-performance option for key buildings. Until now, some specifiers were reluctant to specify copper; although time-proven, a lack of recognized system testing for common traditionally formed copper wall systems proved a deterrent for some professionals. The Copper Development Association (CDA) recently completed an exhaustive testing program encompassing the battery of tests included within the American Architectural Manufacturer Association (AAMA) 509, Drained and Ventilated Rain Screen standard. Larry E. Peters Copper Development Association, Inc. | McLean, VA Larry Peters is the CDA’s project manager for the testing component of its Wall Cladding Initiative. He has nearly 25 years of experience working with architectural metal wall cladding, roofing, and flashing systems. Over 20 years of this experience has been dedicated to copper systems. This includes technical assistance during initial design, as well as troubleshooting and forensic analysis of installed systems. Peters also manages CDA’s Installation Training Program and is thus skilled at hands-on techniques necessary to install traditional copper cladding systems and related flashing. Frank V. Resso, PE Resso Engineering, LLC | Sharpsburg, GA Frank Resso has over 25 years of experience in engineering and design encompassing virtually every segment of the building construction industry. He is a licensed engineer with a special emphasis in the design, specification, product testing, and forensic investigation of building enclosure systems, exterior wall cladding, and roofing systems. He recently participated as a member of the ASCE 7-16 Wind Loads Subcommittee and various SPRI Canvas Groups, and was a longstanding member of the ASTM Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings. Russo has presented numerous short courses on metal cladding, building enclosures, and roof edge systems and is credited with nine U.S. patents on related systems. Read More

This presentation will examine recent window and curtainwall assembly failures and performance issues for insulated glazing units (IGUs). With the advent of the globalization of the construction industry, façade glazing systems are beginning to experience new types of failure in their assembled components, resulting in performance issues with high-rise projects. The speaker will present forensic study results from a dozen high-rise buildings with curtain and window wall assembly failures. Karim P. Allana is the CEO and senior principal of his firm. He is a licensed professional engineer in California, Hawaii, Nevada, North Carolina, and Washington. Allana has been in the construction industry for over 30 years. He specializes in forensic analysis and sustainable construction of roofing, waterproofing, and the building envelope. He has acted as a consultant and expert witness in more than 250 construction defect projects and is a frequent speaker and presenter at professional forums. Read More

This presentation will explain the code changes that have allowed taller buildings to be constructed using wood. Attendees will learn about the characteristics of wood framing that present unique design challenges, the variety of building code issues that serve to reduce the durability of wood-frame buildings, and compatibility issues associated with various construction materials. Finally, the lack of proper communication between construction team members will be discussed, in an effort to focus more on delivering a good building product and less on budgets, schedules, and warranties. Read More

This presentation initially took place at the 2020 Convention.  The building industry is bombarded with new and improved materials with everybody saying they are the best. How do you know? How do you choose? Do you need the best material available? This presentation walks you through a new means to define what the ultimate wall is for your project. Every building is unique, and the old “one size fits all” does not work anymore. This new approach allows you to customize the ultimate wall for your project using anybody’s materials. Laverne Dalgleish Air Barrier Association of America | Walpole, MA Laverne Dalgleish has been involved in the construction industry for over 30 years and has focused on improving the quality of construction, both on improving materials and the processes for installation. He spends a great deal of time in codes and standards and works with the building enclosure industry to produce standards that are useful to the industry and allow for choice of materials for a specific project. Read More

This presentation initially took place at IIBEC's 2022 International Convention and Trade Show in Orlando, Florida. Building structures are not entirely static, as they are designed to deflect and move under various loading conditions such as live loads, wind loads, and seismic loads. Some movement locations such as building expansion joints, cladding expansion joints, and curtainwall stack joints are typically well defined by the architectural design of the building. In many instances, however, the movement of a building structure occurs at more subtle interface and transition conditions that are not always clearly defined architecturally. Determining the location of this movement can become increasingly complex with unitized and panelized wall systems in seismic areas that have airtightness requirements. This presentation provides background on how building structures move and the impact that movement has on enclosure systems and their geometry. This presentation also suggests design approaches for identifying the building movement locations to address control layer continuity. Brad Carmichael, PE, CPHC 4EA Building Science | Seattle, WA Brad Carmichael has been consulting on building enclosures throughout North America for more than 15 years; his work has included complex new construction and rehabilitation projects. He is passionate about good design and the role it can play in social and environmental stewardship. He believes that durable and efficient building enclosures are critical for a built environment that is low consumption and long lasting. Read More

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