Achievements, Opportunities, and Challenges in Using AI for an Improved Building Enclosure Assessment Practice

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This presentation initially took place at the 2020 Building Enclosure Symposium.

Visual assessment of building enclosures can be repetitive and time-consuming. The industry has also faced numerous challenges in recent years due to shortages in skilled labor, inefficiencies in process, and an increasing focus on worker safety. AI on drone-captured imagery is emerging as an answer for these problems. Although this seems like a straightforward process (capture drone imagery, train machine-learning models, and predict objects and deficiencies), we have discovered, through extensive research and onsite tests, this generic approach often fails to provide reliable outcome in a practical setting. This presentation explores in detail several factors which significantly affect the results—including distance and angle of drone camera to each surface, practicality of a capture plan in terms of time, accessibility, obstacle avoidance, differences in surface materials, large number of assets and deficiencies, and necessity for large training datasets—especially for less-common inventory and conditions. Case studies will be presented showing significant achievements in automation and efficiency when these challenges are overcome. For example, a drone-based data capture of a large hospital facility, coupled with a novel 3-D AI solution, led to more than 84% savings in worker hours compared to the manual assessment scenario.

Bill Wilkins

SeekNow | Atlanta, GA

Bill Wilkins’ current role is vice president of innovation at Pointivo (PV). At PV, he is responsible for sales and business development to propel PV’s unique drone-enabled 3-D artificial intelligence (AI) services across the roofing and facility management industries. He has experience running a drone startup company that capitalized on powerful analytics using drone-based imagery and has worked with advanced computer vision and AI analytics in roofing for over 10 years. Wilkins has a passion for changing industries for the better and regularly speaks at trade shows across the country, including IRE, GARCA, RT3, IIBEC, AIA, SRWA, and Metalcon.


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Achievements, Opportunities, and Challenges in Using AI for an Improved Building Enclosure Assessment Practice - Recording
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