A Simple Solution: An SPF Retrofit to Stop Leakage

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Jennifer Roller

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The presenters will offer a case study of a wellness building in Iowa that, during its first winter, had icicles on the roof eaves, and interior water leakage during its first spring. . A repair was performed that included replacing the existing insulation and vapor barrier with new SPF as a thermal and air barrier. Whole-building air testing was used before and after repairs to prove the improvement in air-tightness.

Bruce Kaskel has expertise in exterior wall systems related to glass, glazing, water infiltration, corrosion, structural adequacy, energy performance, anchorage devices, and durability. His projects include aluminum and glass curtainwalls, masonry, exterior windows and doors, and precast concrete and stone panels. Kaskel has provided exterior wall consulting services during design and construction of new buildings, including serving as a building envelope commissioning agent (BECx).

Jennifer Schneider has been involved with numerous projects related to the inspection, investigation, and repair of distressed conditions in existing buildings. Her experience also includes building enclosure commissioning (BECx) and peer design review for new construction, applying her experience in modes of leakage, condensation, and distress to proposed detailing. Schneider applies thermal and hygrothermal modeling to her evaluations of exterior wall systems.


  • Understand the importance of building envelope air tightness
  • Identify tools to diagnose an air leakage problem
  • Discuss air barrier repair options for an operating building
  • Recognize the benefits of achieving an air tight enclosure


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate IIBEC Certificate of Completion

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A Simple Solution: An SPF Retrofit to Stop Leakage
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