Building Envelope Commissioning: The Missing Link for Future-Ready Buildings

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Presenters: Scott Armstrong, BSSO, CET, LEED AP BD+C,WSP Canada, Toronto, ON

Jean-Guy Levaque, FRCI, RRC, RRO, GRP, WSP Canada, Hamilton, ON

Global climate trends are clear: more extreme weather events, frequent and more intense rain events, and widely variable ambient temperatures. How do current building envelope design practices and retrofit strategies respond and how do we embed this future thinking into our projects? Building Envelope Commissioning can provide the framework to facilitate conversations about ever-more-stringent standards, processes, codes, and performance requirements related to the building envelope. It also provides a process to ensure performance is embedded in project requirements and is delivered at each stage through construction completion. This session uses project examples that demonstrate the application of commissioning principles on new construction, existing buildings, or individual enclosure elements – from below grade to the roof and beyond. Discussion takes place for typical design-, tender-, and construction-phase practices that track and test enclosure performance while keeping project teams informed of how value engineering, change management, or substitutions may affect performance. Lastly, connections are created and compares project examples to common industry guidelines and standards such as LEED v4, LEED EBOM, BOMA BEST, NIBS, ASHRAE, CSA, and ASTM to highlight the need for industry standardization.


  • To understand the history of building envelope commissioning.
  • To show the link between building envelope systems design, manufacturers' details, codes and standards, contractors' applications and installation quality assurance.
  • To address some present day failures within building envelope commissioning.
  • To address and propose best practices for future building envelope commissioning. 

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Building Envelope Commissioning: The Missing Link for Future-Ready Buildings
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